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Welcome to East Coast Ghost with Priscilla De Travolta:
If you have a ghost, I can help.*

*This is not me
Three Zombies
Healing Stones
Portrait with Ghost
Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot
Psychic Stones

Got a ghost you want to get rid of?

We can do that!

[a paranormal investigation person]

Priscilla De Travolta has been delving into the unseen realms since I was 14. She knows the mysteries that lie beyond the threshold of the living. If you need to remove a ghost, stop a haunting, get rid of a poltergeist or more, just contact her today. Results guaranteed!** 


Priscilla is a third generation psychic and first generation ghost hunter. She uses her psychic skills and intuitive insight to enter the unseen realms quickly and easily and remove ALL ghosts.

White Sheet Ghost

*Not an actual ghost but I encounter them all the time

*This is not an actual ghost but I encounter them all the time...

“Wow… I have no more ghosts in my house!”

Mr Ted, Livingston, NJ


“Shit… I had a ghost and now I don’t…I’m happy… ”

Janice, Kingsport, VA

My clients have come to love and trust me as the best ghost hunter in town. Whether they're dealing with a pesky poltergeist or a vengeful spirit, they know I can handle the job. Ghosts may not like me, but that's just because I'm so good at what I do.

We are more than a paranormal investigation firm -

we are a gateway to the other side.

Holding Tarot Card
  • Need a psychic reading? Sure. 

  • Need a tarot card? Sure. 

  • Need an exorcism? Sure. 

  • Need it quick? Ok. 

*This is not me

Since 2004, Priscilla has been pushing all the boundaries of paranormal research. Whatever your situation, whatever your questions, Priscilla can help. Over the last decade she has carried out over 300 investigations into the paranormal using both ancient and modern techniques. She won ‘Paranormal Of The Year- 2003’ and the coveted silver

‘Ghost Killer’ award in 2007. 

“I highly recommend Priscilla…”

-Maureen De Travolta (No relation)  


“I wish I had another ghost just so I could work with her again”

-Dan, Tokyo

​ Do you dare to step into the unknown? 

Contact Priscilla today and start your paranormal journey. 

*Prices for ghost extermination start at $5,000 plus expenses. 


**If the ghost won’t leave I’ll stay until they do. You must provide lodgings, food, financial support and supplementary expenses. Results can usually be obtained within 6-12 months or longer. You are responsible for all damage including but not limited to broken windows, items broken, doors cracked, discoloration on floors and candle wax dropped on carpet.

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